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Thursday, 21 January 2016


To be honest, I don't carry all too much in my bag compared to some, but when I do I always make sure I am carrying my essentials. This includes my phone, mints and money - I can't go anywhere without these things, like ever.

I like to carry headphones with me just incase I'm walking somewhere alone and want to listen to music. I'm most likely to be listening to Bring me the horizon or some major throwback album from the 90's..

Of course I like carrying a bag that's pretty cute, such as this one I recently bought from Topshop!
Okay, maybe i'm a little bit of a germaphobe, but who doesn't like to be clean and as far away from germs as humanly possible? so I like to make sure I have a  hand gel in my bag, especially if i've been on a train or some kind of public transport.

I also always carry around a few basic beauty products such as my Rimmel London wake me up concealer. I like have this on me just incase I'm in a crisis, such as the circles under my eyes suddenly coming back to life and haunting me or the recently developed spot that likes to show up at the worst times :)

Lip products are such a big deal for me, so I always make sure I have a lip balm and a lip gloss/lipstick. I've recently been loving the Estee Lauder lipstick in "Rose tea" since it's nude and goes well with any look.

I'm also in love with my mini "Modern Muse" perfume, it's perfect for any occasion and since it's so tiny, it's super easy to carry around if you want to freshen up.

Making sure I have a bottle of water in my bag is also an essential. Even if I don't feel the need to actually drink it when I'm out, I like knowing I have it just incase I feel dehydrated. Having my portable charger is also always pretty handy for obvious reasons!

What are your essentials?


  1. Love a good throwback album! Headphones are an essential for me!
    Charlotte /

    1. The real question is who doesn't love a good throwback album?! x

  2. I always have hand sanitizer as well because I take public transportation everyday. I also always have to have bobby pins and a hair tie because usually by the end of the day my hair is driving me crazy. Great post! XO -Kim

    1. I always wear hair ties on my wrists, It's such a habit now! Thank you Kim! x

  3. My phone and earphones are a must I just can't go outside without music! Great post :)
    Paula |

  4. I'm with you about the lip stuff. I always have like four to five lip balms and glosses in my bag at all times.

    S .x

    1. I've recently become obsessed with lip balm, I just can't go anywhere without it!