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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

My Top 10 Favourite Movies Of All Time

I'm currently sitting in my living room, sipping on a smoothie and indulging in some much needed Gilmore Girls binge watching session, but the dying urge to write a post today was calling so here I am. Since I'm all about having chilled out days when work or daily life gets a bit too much and you need a wind down, I thought I'd have a chat about my all time favourite movies. Im obsessed with each and every one of them and I hope you can either relate to some or want to watch them asap after I profess my undying love for them all.

About Time -
There is something so comforting in this movie, I always find myself watching it when I'm sad as I know it will make me happy as soon as it starts playing. The storyline, the actors, the soundtrack, everything about it is 10000% perfect. I cannot recommend this movie enough, it is so easy going and even brings me to tears every time I watch it.

Saving Mr Banks -
If you're a Disney fan then you will adore this movie just as much as I do, but whether or not you like the story of Mary Poppins, this movie will make you fall in love with it either way. Get your tissues at the ready and prepare yourself for a waterfall of tears by the time it's over though ... just saying.

Love, Rosie -
Just like "About Time" mentioned above, this movie can instantly put me in the best mood and has remained my favourite movie of all time ever since I first watched it a few years ago. The British humour will have you cracking up and with actors like Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, you're bound to enjoy it.

The Princess And The Frog -
I swear this is the most underrated Disney movie, but either way its still my favourite. The jazz music, the setting of New Orleans, everything about it is so precious and it will be sure to have you singing along with every song.

The Greatest Showman
You've probably been hearing endless amounts of praise about this incredible movie, but if you haven't seen it already, YOU MUST. This went so far beyond my expectations and it has the most insane soundtrack.

Roman Holiday -
Chances are if you're into watching old movies, you've seen this at some point in your life. I love virtually any movie featuring Audrey Hepburn, but this one is most definitely my favourite of hers. I love watching this on a chilled out Sunday night after taking a shower and applying a face mask in my comfy pjs.

10 Things I Hate About You -
This has been one of my absolute favourite movies for years now and it will most likely stay that way for many more years to come. Although this is the "typical" 90's teen storyline, it still gives me all those emotions I felt when I first watched it. Heath Ledger will always have my heart in this movie.

Begin Again -
This movie is so chilled and I swear I could watch it over and over again, it's too good. I love Mark Ruffalo and Kiera Knightley so this film is just brilliant. It's not a typical musical but still has some really good songs in it!

Notting Hill -
I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this movie. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant are two of my favourite actors, so this film won me over straight away. The storyline is too cute and again, if you like British humour, you'll love this movie.

Me Before You -
One of the most talked about movies in 2016, and definitely one of the best. If you're a hopeless romantic and want to be in floods of tears by the end then this movie is for you. 

I'm sure theres a million more movies out there that I adore but these are the ones that always come to mind whenever someone asks "what's your favourite movie?".  If you haven't seen some of these then I obviously couldn't recommend them enough. I'm not really into horror movies or anything remotely gruesome, but those that I have watched I would never really class as a favourite. So all of these movies are pretty chic-flick types, so if you're also into these types then I hope you love them as much as I do, and if you havent seen them then I'm sure you will fall in love straight away!

What's your favourite movie?

Sunday, 11 February 2018

My Current Favourite Songs | Feb 2018

 I have recently discovered so many new songs and artists that I have completely fallen in love with. So naturally, I wanted to share them all with you. If you're looking for new artists to listen to then I can't recommend these suggestions below enough! I tend to find myself listening to music more than ever in the colder months as it's one of the most comforting things when you're home on a dull ol' winter day. Some of these artists, I have listened to for years and can't ever seem to get enough of, but I also love finding new music so you'll find a mix of both in this post! Although this post is going to be pretty short and sweet, I hope you enjoy these suggestions and if you've already listened to some of them, then I hope you love them as much as I do!

  1. Music Box - Ashton Edminster
  2. Jukai - Jhene Aiko
  3. I know - SiR
  4. Again - Kehlani
  5. Be Alone - Childish Gambino
  6. First - Cold War Kids
  7. Impossible Year - Panic! At The Disco
  8. Don't Be A Fool - Shawn Mendes
  9. Drew Barrymore - SZA
  10. Don't Say You Love Me - Fifth Harmony
  11. Roots - Orla Gartland
  12. Somebody Special - Nina Nesbitt
  13. The Void - Andy Black
  14. In The Dark - Camilla Cabello
  15. From Now On - The Greatest Showman 
  16. Never Enough - The Greatest Showman
  17. Sorry - Halsey
  18. Thank You - Kehlani
  19. Paris In The Rain - Lauv
  20. Love Galore - SZA ft. Travis Scott
  21. Jason's Song (Gave It Away) - Ariana Grande
  22. Yours Truly, Austin Post - Post Malone
  23. Feel - Post Malone ft. Kehlani
  24. Empty - Olivia O'Brien
  25. Colour Me - Juke Ross
  26. This Must Be My Dream - The 1975
  27. Where Did You Come From (Acoustic) - Andrew & Veda
  28. Lonely - Demi Lovato ft. Lil Wayne
  29. Obsessed - Maggie Lindemann
  30. I Can't Breathe - Bea Miller
  31. I Can Hear You Now - Extreme Music
  32. Stay - Hurts
  33. Family Tree - Matthew West
  34. Take On The World - You Me At Six
  35. Silhouette - Aquilo
  36. Unbreakable - Jamie Scott
  37. All Through The Night - Sleeping At Last
  38. Wings - Birdy
  39. Love Is Just A Way To Die - I Am Strikes
  40. Between - Courrier
Have your heard any of these songs?
(If so, comment your favourite!)


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Tarte "Toasted" Palette Review

There is no denying that I am head over heels in love with Tarte products. Every time they release a new product, I know I need to add it to my makeup collection asap, but when they released their Toasted eyeshadow palette, I died a little bit inside. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL.

I had seen it all across social media, with many Youtubers raving about it as well as watching Kathleen Lights comparing it to the Naked Heat palette and saying she actually preferred the toasted palette over it. I have spoke about the Tarte "Tartelette in bloom" palette on my blog many times in the past, it's still as huge staple in my collection, but since owning the toasted palette, I've been using a mix of both to create the loveliest, warm eye looks and honestly, I'm living for it.

First things first, all of Tartes products always smell amazing. I don't know if its just me that thinks that, but theres something about them that smell incredible, their palettes always have a chocolaty scent that make you want to eat the palette, but the scent makes the whole thing a million times better I swear.

I received the Toasted palette for Christmas and have since then been playing around with different eye looks, testing out all the different shades and seeing which ones I love most. Since I love using more neutral shades for every day use, the shades "s'more" and "latte" have definitely been getting the most use and I dread the day I start running low on them! These both work as amazing base shades or just worn alone for a very simple every day minimal look, which I love. The palette is so versatile, so can be worn during the day or in the evenings for a warm, smoky look as the shimmers are so stunning. The one thing I love the most about Tarte palettes is you never get any fall out, which is the key thing to make me love or hate a palette as any fall out just ends up frustrating me. The formula of this palette in particular is so creamy and SO pigmented, so a little goes a long way I promise! It stays on perfectly all day, but is in no way a pain to get off when it comes to removing any eye makeup.

I honestly couldn't rave about this palette any more, as I am so obsessed with it. I always lean towards warmer eye looks as I think browns and copper shades compliment my green eyes, so this palette won me over immediately. I still want to play around with the darker shades of the palette like "fireside", "crackle" and "flame" as these would be perfect for any kind of evening look, but I really want to start being a bit more brave with darker shades as I very rarely tend to wear them, but I've seen so many looks created with this palette so I know that I know I can do so much more with it!

If you're leaning towards purchasing a new palette any time soon, then I highly recommend this stunning palette. It is just all around brilliant and I can't find one single fault in it. It's priced at £41 on the Tarte website, so although it is fairly pricey, it's definitely worth every single penny!

Have you tried this palette?

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Testing Sukin Products | Review

I've been seeing Sukin products everywhere lately, on Instagram, blog posts and its constantly staring at me whenever I'm walking through Boots, so naturally, I caved. I decided to pick up two of their products to test out as I've been hearing nothing but good things about all of their products. The brand are 100% vegan and are raved about for being such a natural skincare brand, which I think is amazing if you ask me. There are so many of their products that I want to try out, but since I was in a hurry at the time of purchasing, I only managed to pick up two things.

I was hesitant to buy their rose hip oil as I've heard numerous people talk about how much they love it, but I didn't really feel like spending £16 on a small bottle of something I might not like, but now I'm regretting my choices. Instead I decided on their foaming facial cleanser and hydrating mist toner. I thought as these are two staple steps in my skincare routine, these products would get a lot of use, and boy was I right.

There's something about toners that I love so much, but in mist form it suddenly becomes a million times better, and oh my, I love this toner! Although at first it just felt like I was spraying tap water on my face as there really was no scent and it just felt like I had soaked my face, after a few days of using it I noticed a drastic change in my skin, for the best of course! Using it for the first time, I did just think it was a fairly average product, but I've been using it every day and I'm so sad that I'm almost out of it as I love it so much now. I purchased it for around £7.50 I believe, so it's definitely worth getting your hands on if you're looking for something new to try out. This toner really does help to wake me up and hydrate my skin, I always spray it on my face after I've showered, before applying moisturiser. I always leave it a few minutes to sink in before moisturising otherwise it feels like a waste of application. The main ingredients are rosewater and chamomile which we all know work wonders for the skin. I've really noticed that it has helped clear up my skin by reducing spots and redness and helping to even out my skin tone, so it is a game changer in my skincare routine.

If I'm completely honest, I don't rate the facial wash as much as other face wash products I've tried as I've tried so many and this one really is average. In terms of natural products, I'd say that this is a good face wash, but overall compared to the cleansers I've bought from The Body Shop, Lush etc.. I wouldn't rate it all too highly. I've been trying to use it as often as possible and always take it whenever I'm staying at my boyfriends house and can't opt for any of my other face washes. I don't think it takes off makeup that well, particularly eye makeup as I've then had to resort to using a makeup wipe to wipe off any excess under my eye and to scrub my eye to get off any remaining mascara. Although it sounds like I'm complaining an awful lot about this product, I don't think its that bad at all. Whenever I'm not wearing makeup, I do really enjoy using this cleanser as it makes my skin feel really fresh and healthy and I love pairing it with the toner mentioned above, but I don't think I'll bother purchasing it again as there are cheaper options out there as well as much better choices. The main ingredients in this product are rosehip, avocado, wheat germ and sesame, which are amazing for the skin.

I do love how the brand is natural, vegan friendly and just all around great, so I will be purchasing from them more and more whenever I want to try out new products, and I will definitely repurchase the mist toner. The packaging is so simple but really cute and I love how their sensitive skin range is pink! There's so much that I want to try out so I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Have you tried Sukin products?

Monday, 5 February 2018

How To Enjoy Spending Time Alone

Personally, I like having my alone time. I like to put my headphones in, listen to my favourite music and write, paint, draw, whatever I feel like doing. I find comfort in having time to myself every now and then. Don't get me wrong, I love being around family and friends, but sometimes it's just nice to have that time to yourself every once in a while. Being a creative person, I feel the need to have time to myself to really focus on my hobbies. For example, if I'm painting, I like to be alone so I can really focus on my mood as it can completely change the way I create art. If people are around me I lose all ability to really concentrate on what I'm doing properly as there will be too much noise around me even with headphones in. Sometimes I do just like being alone, when you're around people constantly you forget about the time you should have to yourself, whether that's just reading a book or going for a walk, it's YOUR time, so make the most of it. 

If you're someone who doesn't get to have much alone time, but find that you have the odd few minutes, hours etc.. once in a while, then here are a few suggestions to help you enjoy that time.

Bake -
Whether you enjoy baking or not, I find that time spent baking goodies makes it feel like time is moving a bit faster. Throw on your favourite playlist and discover some new recipes on Pinterest and you're bound to want to get baking asap. This is also a perfect excuse to sing at the top of your voice and dance like no ones watching in your kitchen.

Get creative -
Having time alone gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative in whatever way you like. If you have a loud house and have the occasional few hours and enjoy writing then spend that time doing what you love. Write a blog post, write in a journal, paint, draw, whatever makes you happy. I love getting creative, listening to music and fuelling myself up on coffee.

Run a bath -
Roundup all your favourite bath bombs, pick the best one and place it in the bath. This is one of my favourite ways to enjoy spending my time alone as well as feeling relaxed. Read a good book and light a candle to help you feel calmer. I love going in the bath before bed and lighting a candle as it makes me feel sleepy but refreshed before heading to sleep.

Go on a walk -
Although this one sounds really basic, but seriously, going out on a walk is so calming, especially if you have music playing. I know I mention music a lot, but I know so many people will agree with me on this, music is one of the most relaxing things and can make literally any situation so much better. Am I right? yes, yes I am..

Make A Scrapbook -
If you have a ton of memories on your phone, or printed out over the years, gather them all up and create a scrapbook to look back on every so often and keep forever. You'll probably laugh a little and maybe even shed a few tears because memories can mean the world, but keeping them all together means you won't forget about any of them or lose any photos you might forget about later on. Making  a scrapbook enables you to be as creative as you like, you can add almost anything to decorate pages and make it look super pretty.

Catch Up On Your Favourite Tv Shows -
Or start a new one! I'm currently rewatching The Vampire Diaries with my boyfriend as he hasn't seen it and we are loving it, but when I'm alone I love watching shows like Shameless and Gilmore Girls while getting cozy with a cup of coffee, some fluffy pjs and a blanket, because what could possibly be better?

Go Grab Coffee By Yourself -
You'd be surprised just how nice this is, to go to your local coffee shop and just sit there in peace sipping on your favourite drink. I've done this several times while waiting for friends at train stations etc and I don't mind doing it at all, because it gives me that little bit of time to myself, reflect on a few things or plan things in my head that I need to get done. This gives you a great opportunity to download and listen to a really good podcast or listen to your favourite playlist.

Online Shopping -
You know what's best about "browsing" online and making a few purchases here and there when you're alone? no one can judge you! Since I spend 80% of my life procrastinating, I often find myself scrolling through my favourite online stores, adding some dreamy pieces that I wish I could add to my wardrobe into my basket. I think this helps to give you inspiration to change up your style every once in a while and experiment with different pieces (I'll use any excuse to do some online shopping I won't lie).

Write A Journal -
I've been meaning to purchase a journal for ages now, but I want to find the perfect one that will be big enough for me to ramble on about my daily antics. I used to own a diary / journal when I was younger and I love reading it back now, laughing at my childhood crushes and all the silly drama that was definitely (not) a big deal back then. So I'd love to start writing a new one and keep it going for years so I always have something to look back on, whether they're good or bad memories, I want them to be written down forever.

Planning -
I love using the time to myself to plan things, I have an obsession with writing lists, keeping notes, you name it. So writing down things I want to get done are essential, especially when it comes to blog planning. I really want to write a post about how I plan my blog posts, so it can help new bloggers and even help myself when I'm feeling uninspired! I'm constantly jotting down new blog post ideas and I have SO much planned for my blog, I can't even tell you how excited I am to start sharing more content with you all.

I hope these suggestions helped you with enjoying more time to yourself, or encourages you to make more time to do the things you love or want to start doing! Everyone needs time alone, so enjoy it when you can!


Sunday, 4 February 2018

My Top 7 Products To Target Dry Skin In Winter

Winter isn't my favourite season, we all know that. but when it comes down to dry skin in winter, I absolutely despise it.. no really, I hate it. The lead up to Christmas is all fun and games but when January hits it all goes downhill from there until May, when the weather picks itself back up again and blesses us with a bit of warm sunshine. I've recently been trying out a fair few new products that I can't wait to share with you all since I love them all so much. Each product is great for tackling dry skin, and since I don't usually deal with dry skin until this time of year like quite a few people I know, I thought it would help a few of you and if you naturally have dry skin all the time, then these products would make great staples to keep as part of your skincare routine / collection.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray -
I have only tried this spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea, but I have heard numerous great things about the rosewater spray as well. I bought the smaller bottle for £7 as it was my first time trying the product, but now I regret not getting the larger bottle as I'm so in love with it! I find that it is one of the most hydrating products I have ever used and it's perfect for fighting dry skin this time of year. All Mario Bedescu products sound gorgeous, and if all of their products live up to the hype like this one does then I know i'll be purchasing their entire range very, very soon. I imagine this facial spray in particular would be extremely refreshing to use in the summer when you feel all sweaty and gross and need something to give your skin a bit more life and to cool down a little. I literally could not recommend this product enough. I'll definitely be purchasing the larger bottle soon as I'm pretty much out of it and I couldn't imagine no longer keeping it as part of my skincare routine anymore!

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist -
I received this beauty in a subscription box from "Latest In Beauty" a month or so ago, and have been using it every day that I'm not using my Mario Badescu spray mentioned above. I've started using it more and more as I've never been one for rose scents, but I've grown to like the scent over time (my little brother thinks it smells like bubbles? bit weird I know haha). I've developed such a love for facial sprays now that both of these sprays play such a major role in my skincare routine. I particularly love this product as it doesn't only hydrate, but softens my skin before I moisturise. I let the spray settle into my skin for a good 5 minutes before moisturising and I love the feeling afterwards.

The Body Shop Aloe Toner -
I recently picked this up while "browsing" in a few shops after work and of course I couldn't miss a good opportunity to go into the body shop alone without judgment of spending too much money on some of my favourite products.. I've tried a toner from the body shop before and absolutely loved it but was gutted to find out that it had been discontinued when I went to purchase a new one. I noticed that they had a tea tree toner which I've never been overly keen on the scent of so was hesitant to buy, but I then noticed that they had an aloe toner along with an entire range of other aloe products which I am so intrigued to try out also. I like how this product doesn't have much of a scent but gets the job done as it should and I love it! I've realised how sensitive my skin has become recently so I was also impressed when the label said it was formulated for sensitive skin. I tend to use this more in the mornings before using my facial spray and moisturising as one of my first steps to help remove any excess makeup that may be left even after cleansing my skin the night before (waterproof mascara I'm talking about you).

Merci Handy "Chill Out" Face Mist -
Oh you thought I was done talking about facial sprays didn't you? well you thought wrong .. I may have grown a little obsession with them lately, but I'm not mad, I love em'. I believe this product, along with the other scents in the range were designed to be used in the summer time as a way too cool down from the heat, being sweaty after a workout or being under stress, but I love to spritz a bit of this no matter the weather, but mainly in the mornings or half way through the day to wake me up a bit more and leave my skin feeling hydrated. I need a never ending supply of this product so I can keep it in my bag, in my room, my bathroom, you name it. Go get yourself one and thank me later haha.

The Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream -
I spoke about this cream almost a year ago in my "6 favourite cruelty free skincare finds" post if you want to give it a read in a bit more detail, but I feel the need to bring it back up again because I love it oh so much. I use this body cream all year round, its perfect during the summer for making your legs feel silky smooth before hitting the beach as well as smelling like a goddess, but it's also perfect for the colder months as it helps hydrate and help to remove any dry patches on your body. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, i'e never smelt anything quite like it so it's worth going to your closest Body Shop store and checking this beauty out. I've also been using the frosted berries and frosted plum body butters which pretty much do the exact same thing, the Japanese Camellia Cream just feels a bit more lighter and creamier on the skin, but The Body Shop really do never to fail with their products, so any of these would be perfect.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Hand Cream -
I really suffer with dry hands this time of year more than anything else so having a hand cream on hand (this was not intended to be funny, but I'm giggling a bit to myself right now if I'm honest) is an absolute must. I'm almost out and I have a feeling that I won't be seeing any more of this hand cream any time soon as I believe it is only a winter release and is very limited! so maybe I'll be lucky enough to pick one up again next November / December.

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Foam Cleanser -
Oh my, I love this face wash. I have tried SO many in the past and am always experimenting with others even now, but this one is by far one of my favourites. It has a tiny amount of scent, but smells very fresh and feels it too! my face always feels silky smooth after I've used this and I can't wait to stock up on more as it's great all year round. This cleanser is definitely worth the purchase if you want to try something new and is a great addition to your skincare collection.

I love trying new skin products, sometimes I love trying out new skincare products more than makeup as it just makes me feel so lovely. If you have any skincare tips, products or suggestions to try new brands etc.. then feel free to leave a comment!

What's your holy grail skin product?

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Spring Wardrobe Wish List

I know, I know, we're still only in January, but warm weather and sunshine is calling my name and I'm wishing winter away so I can wear the cutest clothes. I'm willing to say goodbye to coats forever so I can wear pretty day dresses and glowy makeup for as long as humanly possible. A girl can dream, right? I recently discovered an Australian online store called Showpo which is incredibly popular on Instagram so you may or may not have heard of it, but I have never fallen in love with clothes more than I did when I first checked out their website. Everything screams my dream wardrobe the more I scroll through all the beautiful items, so this post is just one giant Wishlist of items I'm planning on ordering as soon as payday rolls around so my spring and summer wardrobe is ready, even if I am still layered up with jumpers and stuck in the horrid month that is winter.

I have also decided that I want to incorporate more fashion type posts onto my blog as it's something I have always been obsessed with and have wanted to talk about on my blog for years. I'm not talking photo shoots in the streets of London, but more like little pieces here and there that I've been loving and want to share with you, and then we'll see how it goes from there!

I've also converted the prices from AUD to GBP as I know a lot of my readers are British like myself, so it makes it a lot easier!

1. Sun Is Shining Dress In White lace - £51.17
Oh my goodness, I am completely in love with this dress! I love classic white dresses and this would be so perfect for an event during the spring / summer time or could easily be worn casually with some cute little brown sandals and minimal jewellery. The detailing on the back and the ruffles on the bottom of the sleeves are so dreamy, I need this in my wardrobe asap.

2. Focus On Me Top In Red Floral - £31.50
Although I think the price of this top seems a little high for something so tiny, I still want it anyway. I'm obsessed with this style of top right now so it won me over as soon as I saw it on the website. I love the colour, the print, literally everything about it!

3. Keep Me Near Dress In Tan Stripe - £40.40
I've been seeing this style of dress everywhere on social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, but have never seen anything in stores in England that are anything like this style. So when I saw this on Showpo I wanted to order it asap. I love the detail on the bottom as well as the tied back! I could just imagine wearing this on a stroll down the seafront in the spring, ahh I need it right now.

4. Love Is Blooming Top In Cream Floral - £25.36
This top is fairly similar to the red floral top mentioned above, with a less revealing front, but I love it equally as much. This would pair beautifully with anything light denim and brown, hmm I'm in love.

5. Stitched You Up Bodysuit In Dusty Rose - £31.50
I love bodysuits, but I also love simple bodysuits, especially this beaut. There's nothing massively special about it which makes it super easy to pair with anything! It could easily be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a casual every day look. The neck line is my absolute faveeeee.

6. Floating Wishes Dress In Navy Print - £37.63
Have you ever seen a dress so effortlessly stunning?! I have yet to ever see this style dress in any store, the sleeves and the trim at the bottom make the dress look gorgeous, and the detail down the front makes it 10x more cuter. I'm definitely ordering this for the summer!

7. Beverly Hills Two Piece Set In White - £43.76
I've always loved two piece sets, I think they're adorable and I love the matching prints. I've also always loved boho girly pieces so I fell in love when I saw this set as it has a mixture of both. I really want to order this to wear on a beach holiday somewhere tropical.. oh a girl can dream!

8. Follow Me Two Piece Set In Yellow Polka Dot - £43.76
As I mentioned my love for two piece sets above, when I saw this one I loved it a teeny bit more simply because its yellow and would look fab with a tan in the summer. The tied front on the top is so so cute, I love it!

9. Forget Yesterday Pants In Grey Stripe - £43.76
I've never owned anything like this as I've never thought this style of trousers would suit me, but the more and more I see this everywhere, the more I want them! I think they look really "fresh"(?) I guess you could say, in the warmer months! and the colours are so simple yet so lovely.

10. What It Feels Like Earrings In Gold And Cream - £11.35
Finally I thought I would include these stunning earrings that I noticed as I was scrolling through the website. I love wearing hoops or studs, so I'd love to include this style of earrings in my collection to switch things up a little. Don't you think they look like mini dream catchers?! it makes me want them even more!

There's so much more on the website that I've been dreaming of lately, but if I mentioned everything we'd be here forever! so I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about these beautiful pieces that I oh so badly want to add into my wardrobe. Now I just can't wait until the warmer weather rolls around! can we just forget about February and move straight on to spring?!

What's your favourite time of year?