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Wednesday, 15 November 2017


If you read my blog posts regularly, then it's probably no surprise to you that I love a good ol' cosy day at home when the weather is gloomy and the days are dark, but if you are new to this blog, then hey you've just learnt a new fact about me, haaha.. Now that we're heading into winter, ew I know gross, where did Autumn go? It's essential to keep my home feeling the cosiest it can be so that when I get home from work I can immediately feel warm and happy for the rest of the evening.

Lights -
Fairy lights are my absolute favourite this time of year as they make any room look super cosy and if you want to watch some tv and not have your main lights on then these are perfect as they don't generate too much light and leave the room feeling cosy and also looking real pretty at the same time. You can find fairy lights pretty much anywhere during autumn/winter as of course, they are popular during Christmas time, so you have a ton of options to choose from! But if you're on a tight budget or want cheaper options, then Primark is great for having pretty, delicate and extremely affordable fairy lights to make your home look gorgeous.

Candles -
I feel like I mention candles wayyy too much, like seriously read through every post this season and you'll see what I mean! but I don't think I know any blogger that doesn't obsess over candles, we're all addicted, there's no shame! My absolute favourite candle has got to be "Christmas Eve" by Yankee Candle, it has a sweet yet musky sort of scent to it and I honestly have never smelt anything quite like it. It's my go to scent this time of year and you can smell it throughout your entire home when it's burning, I love it! Since it's hard to get hold of candles from Bath and Body Works, I can always rely on Yankee Candle to make my home smell incredible. Other than "Christmas Eve", I am also loving "Macaron Treats", "Christmas Cookie" and "Season Of Peace" which are all part of their Christmas collection, so check them out while you still can if you haven't already! I also love all candles from The White Company, with "Winter" being one of my favourite scents.

Fluffy Blankets -
Blankets and throws are the main essential when it comes to a cosy day at home. What says cosy more than wrapping yourself up in a fluffy blanket and watching your favourite show on Netflix with a candle burning and your fairy lights twinkling? I always keep a throw / blanket at the end of the bed since I usually wake up shivering in the night and it never fails to make me feel warm and peaceful when I wrap myself up in it. I always think Next have great options when it comes to cosy homeware and their blankets never fail to be beautifully dreamy and smooth.

Winter mugs -
Maybe a slightly strange one, but hear me out! I mean what's the point in enjoying a hot beverage without it being in a mug with an adorable reindeer or penguin on throughout the winter? am I right or am I right? I've been eyeing up so many cute little mugs when I've been out and about at the moment, with places like Next and Homesense that have undoubtedly adorable mugs you'll want asap! plus they're great for featuring in the perfect cosy evening in snap on Instagram, so if that doesn't make you want them even more then I don't know what will. Although I've never considered myself much of a tea drinks, I've really been enjoying Clipper Tea's "Calmer chameleon" and "Flower Power" infusion flavours that were kindly gifted to me recently. If you like herbal tea or would like to get into drinking it then these are perfect for you. Both flavours are soothing and perfect to drink in the morning before breakfast or as a light evening drink.

Wall Art -
I love canvases, I love paintings and I love quotes, there's no questioning that. But I believe that these three things can suddenly make any home feel cosier as the walls don't look so empty and cold, does that make sense? I think quotes especially are the cosiest out of the three as it can be something meaningful, family related or some lovely winter words. You can find quotes in pretty much any homeware store or there are tons of gorgeous quotes online (Pinterest is my favourite!) that you could print off and frame.

I hope these suggestions make you want to go out and find the perfect cosy winter homeware pieces to make your evenings easier or your lazy days more enjoyable throughout these colder months. Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to throw on "Polar Express", put on my comfiest pjs and wrap up warm with a blanket and make myself a vanilla coffee, because I'm extra of course.

What are your favourite cosy home essentials?

Monday, 30 October 2017


I feel like I've been slacking when it comes to uploading content on my blog and I hate it. I find nothing more peaceful than sitting down with my laptop and a cup of coffee and losing myself in words. Blogging has been a huge part of my life for the past three years and I hope some day it will take me places, but I know that comes with tons of hard work and dedication - something I feel i'm not giving it enough of. I find comfort in my blog, scrolling through my old posts and writing new ones, it gives me something to look back on and reminisce on when I'm feeling sad, lost or unmotivated. So to keep me motivated, I've made a list of things I aim to do by the end of November, all being that it is always a super busy month leading up to Christmas (ahh, the excitement is so real!).

1. Try to upload a new post every Monday and Friday. Now I'm balancing blogging inbetween working and college work it's hard to find the right time to post, but I know I can easily do this if I put enough effort into it. Maybe I'll even try to post three times a week and really challenge myself.

2. Start Christmas shopping, woooo. There's so much to buy and so many people to buy for! but after all, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year right?

3. Create a Christmas playlist (gotta be prepared ya know). I can't wait to start singing my favourite Christmas classics at the top of my voice with my family and dancing around my kitchen whilst baking all sorts of goodies.

4. Try to up my photography game. Even after three years of blogging, I'm still relying on natural light to take photos with very little equipment, so I'm going to invest in a few bits to help improve my photography and not have to worry so much about the gloomy England weather.

5. Make new recipes. I plan on writing a blog post about this soon in a lot more detail, but I feel like I'm slipping when it comes to being creative with recipes and am currently stuck in the same routine of eating the same foods. I think every meal should be exciting and I love playing around in the kitchen so I'm going to try really hard to create some new recipes and maybe even share them with you all really soon!

6. Change my wardrobe up a bit. There's no denying that I absolutely love fashion, but for some reason I always find myself wearing the same kind of clothes and not really wearing the type of clothes I always wish I had, does that make sense? So i'm going to find a few bits and pieces that I like online as I definitely find more of a variety online rather than in store, and treat myself because why the hell not?!

7. Watch documentaries. This one sounds really boring I know, but since I starting eating vegan I only ever watched "101 reasons to go vegan" and I want to educate myself even more on the health benefits of being vegan, the type of foods I need to be eating etc.. so during November, I'm going to watch "Earthlings", "What the health" and "Forks over Knives". These are all really popular documentaries when it comes to veganism, so I know they're all going to be worth watching.

8. Splurge on Lush Christmas products. I love Lush products, but their Christmas range is always incredible and I get excited for it every single year. I can't wait to stock up on literally everything and have many pamper nights. What's your favourite Lush product?

9. Get back into working out. I hadn't worked out in so long before this morning, and today it made me realise just how much I've missed it. I love the feeling it gives me afterwards, like I've accomplished something really great and done myself proud. I feel like I mention it all the time but Cassey Ho creates the best workout videos and if you follow her monthly workout sheets, your likely to see results, I know I did!

10. Make more plans with friends. It's so easy to get swept up in every day things, that much needed coffee chats with friends often gets forgotten about. I've already started to make a few more plans for the upcoming month, but I know I need to make a lot more effort to travel and meet up with my best friends and have a laugh more often.

11. Improve my Instagram feed. I feel like I'm never happy with how my Insta feed looks, but that's the problem with being such a perfectionist. I overthink the photos I want to take, the filter I need to put on it along with all the other editing things, as well as thinking of some witty or creative caption and the right time to post - ahh, the struggles! (follow me @sh.annonxo if you want lovelies).

12. Make birthday plans. I know I already mentioned plans above, but since my birthday is at the end of the month, I want to do something with friends and family, but I'm having a pretty hard time thinking of something fun to do with everyone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! hahah.

13. Start a diary. I know a lot of people use blogging as a dairy, but there's something I love about writing with paper and pen. I used to own a diary when I was 11 and I still love looking back on it and reading about the boys I was crushing on and all my (not so dramatic) drama that I thought was a pretty big deal at the time. I've been meaning to buy a new notebook to write about my daily life for so long, so I'm going to make sure I do that in November and dedicate a few minutes every evening to writing about what's going on with my life and look back on it in the future as well as keeping one going until I'm older.

What are you looking forward to in November?

Saturday, 14 October 2017


There's no hiding that vanilla is one of my all time favourite scents, with pumpkin spice close behind, but when the two scents come together, oh my.

When The Body Shop launched their recent Vanilla Pumpkin range I knew I needed everything asap. The brand emailed me about their launch and all the products that were going to be on the shelves, as well as also kindly sending me their vanilla pumpkin body butter.

I've been a huge lover of The Body Shop ever since I was little, always going into the closest store near me and playing around with all their different body butters, body mists, you name it. But I honestly was the most excited I've been about their products when I heard about this range that they were releasing.

The body butter itself is an absolute dream. It's smooth and smells just like autumn baking and I'm honestly so obsessed with it, like picture baking your favourite Halloween goodies and applying that same scent to your skin, it's beautiful trust me.

I can always rely on products from The Body Shop to help my skin feel hydrated and soft, with ingredients such as Shea butter and different oils your skin is bound to be feeling the best it can be. The consistency of the body butter is fairly thick, but leaves your skin feeling unreal, so it's totally worth testing out. Since this range is special edition, it won't be in stores long so I suggest stocking up on the entire range immediately if you want to be adding a bit of pumpkin to your daily skin routine!

This scent is perfect to wear in the colder months, whereas sweeter scents are always my go to in the summer, but with the hint of spice that comes with this product, i'd say it's definitely only an autumn/winter scent. I also really struggle with dry skin as the weather gets colder so I know this body butter is going to help so much to make my skin feel hydrated all throughout the winter, if it lasts me that long that is!

Speaking of how long it will last, previous body butters that I've owned have lasted me so much longer than I imagined them to! A little goes a long way with this product so you should be good for at least a month or so if applying every day. The tubs are fairly big although you can usually get smaller versions which would be best to go for if you're ordering online and haven't tried it out yet. If you get the chance to, I highly recommend going into The Body Shop store closest to you and trying the product before buying it to see if it works well with your skin!

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this product other than I'm sad it won't be in stores for long, but you seriously need to go get it if you love the sound of vanilla, maple syrup, hazelnut and of course pumpkin.

Have you tried the vanilla pumpkin range?


Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Sometimes we have off days, sometimes we have off weeks and honestly, it's perfectly okay. Everyone experiences a little bit of down time every now and then, but in the end we pick ourselves back up again and get into the swing of things. It's completely fine to have time for self care, and to feel like yourself again so here are five ways to help you reset when you feel stuck and need a pick me up.

Make A List -
write a list of things that make you happy and do those things every single day or bring those things back into your life, whatever they are make sure you are doing your best to make yourself happier by bringing those things into your life even more. Alternatively write a list of things that are causing you stress, once you've written this list you'll probably feel more of a weight lifted off your shoulders and you can help banish them out of your life for good. Whatever it is that's bringing you down or causing you stress clearly isn't healthy for you and you need to do what's good for your health and get rid of any negativity.

Set Goals -
Think about the things that inspire you and help bring those towards yours goals. Even if they're small goals, any accomplishment shouldn't go unnoticed. Be proud of yourself and what you achieve, so make these goals regularly and you'll learn to praise yourself more. You could even begin to make a list of goals for every month and try to achieve everything by the end of the month, without it turning back on you and causing you any stress by trying too hard to achieve the goals that you've set.

Take It Easy -
Take more time to relax and have time for yourself. If you work long hours or are generally just a busy person and find yourself stressing over the silliest things, then you need to take a break. Run and hot bath, use your favourite bath bombs and have a pamper session, listen to some chilled out music and make yourself some tea and take that time alone to help feel better and forget about your worries.

De-clutter -
Take a day off or take a few hours out of your day to de clutter. Clean up your work space, your home and things like your emails and papers. If you need to de clutter mentally, then detach yourself from people that are bringing you down. Anyone who says things behind your back, makes rude comments or even if they're people you wish you never got involved with, just detach yourself from them slowly. You don't need people like that in your life.

Write -
Start keeping a journal of your day to day life. This will help you mentally, knowing what you need to be doing and also helping yourself keep track of what you've been up to if you want to look back on it. Commit to writing in a journal every night as something to keep your mind off of things. I find that when I spend time writing literally anything, especially my blog, it helps me detach from my daily life and have that time to myself to write whatever I want and forget about anything that's got me worried.

I know these were pretty simple tips, but maybe try adapting these however you want and adding them to your day to day life. You need to find what works for you and take things slow. If you're confused about what you're doing career wise, relationship wise, or life in general, or if you're upset about anything then I hope these tips helped you one way or another. 


Sunday, 8 October 2017


Is there any other excuse better than "because it's autumn" when you feel like getting all snug with the fluffiest of pyjamas and the warmest of blankets? Honestly, I love autumn (surprise, surprise) but seriously, I find nothing more comforting than long walks, walking on crisp leaves and taking totally aesthetic photos, then coming home and running a bath with my favourite lush bath bomb and reading a book from the Harry Potter series, putting on my pj's and making myself a coffee. I sound so basic, wow.

So here's a list of essentials that I recommend for the most perfect autumnal cosy day at home:

Flavoured Coffees -
I love playing around with different coffee ideas and flavours in the colder months as it's acceptable to drink bucket loads of coffee to keep you warm, obviously.. Adding flavoured syrups or a few spices to your coffee can make drinking it so much more enjoyable. I'm currently obsessed with adding 1 tsp coffee, 1tsp cacao powder and 1tsp coconut sugar to a mug, filling it with boiling water and adding a splash of vanilla almond milk. Honestly do yourself a favour and try it, I swear you'll want to thank me later for blessing you with this creation. It's truly like heaven in a mug. You can find a lot of coffee syrups in supermarkets and you've probably got a lot of spices already sitting in your cupboard calling your name. Maybe even go full on DIY queen and make your own pumpkin spice mix with different spices that you own. I've also found that when making coffee from home, I have to use decaf coffee as regular caffeinated coffee gives me headaches. Turns out I prefer decaf so much more and I love drinking it in the evenings knowing that I won't be up for hours struggling to sleep because I've got such a buzz from regular coffee. I definitely recommend switching to decaf if you just enjoy the taste of coffee without needing that coffee fix to keep you going.

Read Outside - 
If you enjoy reading in your spare time, or hey even if you don't, take a good book and a blanket outside and read no matter what time of day it is. If i'm honest, I feel like I don't do this half as much as I wish I would, but it's something that I find so peaceful and relaxing. I love reading the Harry Potter series this time of year because there's something that just screams autumn when I think of them. I can't ever seem to get enough of the series, so reading any of the books outside this time of year sounds perfect. I really want to find some new book suggestions, so if you have any please feel free to leave a comment with a few reads you love.

Bake Something Comforting -
I've always loved baking but something about this time of year makes it a million times more enjoyable. Throw on a playlist full of jazz music and get some candles burning and you have a perfect autumn day. I love baking pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, anything pumpkin you name it. If you want to be healthy this time of year and find that you're always surrounded by things packed with sugar then you can easily alternate pretty much any recipe into being much healthier by switching up the ingredients or by playing around with the amount of sugar / different ingredients that you actually need. Find what works for you and it will probably turn out delightful.

Halloween Movies -
I love love love this time of year as it allows you to binge watch all the halloween movies, scary or not it's always fun. Get together with some friends and make a night of it by making some fun halloween snacks and throwing on some classics like Hocus Pocus (forever a favourite!). If you're into scary movies then I recommend watching "Don't Breathe", "IT", "Annabelle: The Creation" and "The Conjuring 2" I love all of these movies so much and you're bound to love them too as the story lines for all of them are brilliant.

Take A Bath -
If you buy a selection of Lush bath bombs, you're bound to fall in love with taking a bath every now and then, especially when the weather isn't very pleasant. I love how Lush bring out different ranges depending on the holiday seasons and I absolutely love their Halloween collections every year. I personally love taking a bath in the evenings on a rainy day while reading a favourite book. To make it even more cosy, light one of your favourite autumnal candles!

Comfy Pajamas -
I love getting out the shower/bath in the evenings and throwing on the cosiest pajamas I own. So many stores bring out adorable autumn / christmasy style pajamas around this time and I always want to buy everything to get me feeling cosy and wanting to lay in bed watching something on Netflix. I love throwing on pajamas that feel smooth and fluffy, they're without a doubt the best to lounge about in. You could even be that little bit more extra and chuck on some fluffy socks to get you feeling the absolute comfiest.

Light A Candle -
Or light ten candles, whatever makes you feel at home! I love this time of year as I can light candles all day every day and make my home smell lovely 24/7. As we all know, Bath & Body Works have the best autumnal candles, I just wish it was so much easier to get hold of them in the UK as I'd be lighting every single one of them any time I possibly could. Personally, I love candles that remind me of baking on a cold day with hints of cinnamon, pumpkin or vanilla, so I need to go on a huge hunt to buy the biggest collection of these scents.

What is one of your cosy day essentials?


Wednesday, 4 October 2017


As Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, I always feel like I want to achieve a lot by the time it's over, whether that's pumpkin picking or hosting a Halloween party. I love being able to wear cosy jumpers all the time and it pretty much being 100% acceptable to wear any kind of comfy clothing all season without judgement. So whip out those leggings, throw on a big jumper and slip on your ugg boots, it's autumn baby.

Bake pumpkin pie
Since only trying pumpkin for the first time about a week or so ago and suddenly developing a connection with it that I never want to let go of, I now have a sudden need to bake everything with pumpkin in it. As pumpkin pie is a huge autumnal classic in the baking department, I definitely want to be like the majority and get my baking game on.

Have a scary movie marathon -
Okay, this is not just an excuse to be lazy all evening (okay maybe it is), but I really want to get together with a few friends or my boyfriend and have a scary movie marathon with all the Halloween favourites. I love a scary movie, so autumn is a great time to use having a scary movie marathon as an excuse because duhh, it's Halloween season.

Make pumpkin spiced granola -
This one is so basic of me, but since I always love having granola for breakfast, it only seems right to make it pumpkin spiced for this time of year, I mean who wouldn't want a breakfast that reminded them of all things cosy? I can't wait to make the biggest batch of this and live on it literally every day for the rest of the season.

Carve pumpkins - 
Believe it or not, I didn't carve a single pumpkin last year and I don't know why, but this year I am most definitely going to grab all my family and persuade them to carve pumpkins with me like we used to.

Host a Halloween Party -
My family always used to throw the cutest Halloween parties years ago and we haven't had one in so long, but this year I definitely to get all of our family and friends together and have a great night with the spookiest playlist and the best costumes.

Buy new boots -
I love wearing cute little booties this time of year, it makes any outfit look autumnal, especially with a scarf thrown in too! Since I practically live in my converse, it makes a nice change to switch things up a bit in Autumn/Winter with a pair of boots that can go with literally anything and look adorable. I also really want to get hold of some knee high boots too as they always look stunning.

Make a scrapbook -
Since I find myself inside a lot more during the colder months, it allows me to have more time to get creative and the one thing I've wanted to do for what feels like forever is to make my own scrapbook. I love looking back at memories, so making a scrapbook not only gets me to be creative, but to also be able to enjoy looking back at photos and other memories that I can cherish forever.

Go exploring -
Although I said I find myself indoors more in the colder seasons, I still love to have fun outside on the days where it's slightly chilly and crisp outside. On days like this I always want to just grab my camera and go exploring with some friends or family and go exploring in places like the woods and have a mini photoshoot in the leaves.

Burn new candles -
What's autumn without candles? I love cosy smelling candles with hints of vanilla, pumpkin spice or anything else that makes me want to wrap up in a blanket and embrace autumn while reading the harry potter books and eating pumpkin bread. I also love having a candle burning whenever I'm baking or while I'm writing a blog post as it makes me feel at home.

There's probably a ton of other things I want to do this season that I can't think or right now, but these are the main things I've got my heart set on for the following months. Have a great Autumn!

What are your goals this season?


Tuesday, 3 October 2017


I've always been a pretty creative person, so when I see DIY's on Pinterest or on some of my favourite blogs, I instantly feel a sudden need to get into creating it myself. Now that Autumn is among us, there are so many Halloween DIY ideas that I've found and really badly want to try. I might even try creating my own Halloween crafts and share them with you soon!

Anyways, here are some really interesting and festive DIY ideas for you to try out, maybe even try making some with friends and make a day of it! These ideas could be great for Halloween decorations especially if you're planning on hosting a Halloween party this year. Or if not, these would still look adorable in your home or in blog posts as props etc..

Easy DIY Halloween Mason Jars - momendeavors
Pumpkin Tree Stump Welcome Sign - view from the fridge
DIY Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights - wallflower kitchen
DIY Fall Dreamcatcher door wreath decor - DIY show off
DIY Halloween Glassware Decals - sugar & cloth
15 Best Painted Pumpkins - this mama
How To Make Easy DIY Pumpkin Spice Soy Candles - holly habeck
Ghost Tablecloth DIY - oh happy day
Fall DIY Wood Sign - how to nest for less

I love all of these ideas, but I can't wait to make the autumn fairy lights and the mason jars!

Will you be trying any of these DIY's?